Is Travel Insurance Mandatory?

is travel insurance Mandatory?

If you have landed on this page, then I hope you have planned your trip by now and are considering it seriously. This question always comes to mind: “Is travel insurance mandatory?” when we are booking our tickets and preparing for our much-awaited vacation. No worries; I will be providing you with answers to all your questions here on this blog.

When we travel, we are exposed to certain risks until we reach our final destination safely. It includes our health, luggage, important documents, and flight delays and cancellations. It is essential to have all areas covered to ensure hassle-free travel for you and your loved ones. So, buying travel insurance is not mandatory but beneficial for you.

An overseas travel insurance policy helps you be covered against any unforeseen circumstances; hence, it is important to consider it as part of your checklist.

Some countries have made it mandatory to have travel insurance to ensure that international travelers are financially safe and stable in case of any medical emergency or loss of important documents like passports, luggage, etc.

Several insurance companies offer complete coverage at affordable premiums.